RST Aerator “Long- Life”

A pressure sensitive membrane that reduces the water flow according to the pressure. In the downstream jet separator the water is accelerated to a high speed and this sucks in significantly more air in comparison with conventional aerators. This air makes the water jet noticeably softer and more even and thus more acceptable in use.
The water stream from the “Long-Life” aerator looks no different compared with that from normal aerators despite the high levels of water saving. Its special design means that it is self cleaning and cannot become blocked. Dirt particles which pass through the fine mesh stainless steel inlet filter are inevitably expelled through the downstream coarse mesh filters. Because the system focuses the water stream at the centre, deposits of larger particles, which cannot pass through the inlet filter, cannot adversely affect the emitted water stream.
With conventional aerators water residues remain trapped in the fine mesh filters after the tap has been turned off and when they evaporate this quickly leads to scale deposits. The patented arrangement of the large filters in the “Long-Life” aerator allows the residual water to escape more easily and quickly. This has clear advantages with regard to scale deposits and hygiene. Even when extreme conditions, scale deposits build up on the outlet filter, they can be easily removed with a wire brush. This will not damage the robust outlet filter.

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